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Tuesday, 28 Nov 2023


Managers and admins can invite guest users to view a project in fflow. Guest users only have read-only access, and only to the Gantt schedule for the project you assign. They can see bookings and their status, but not time off.

Managers and admins invite guests
The guest only sees the project Gantt chart
Tuesday, 22 Aug 2023

Squad bookings

Create a booking for all members of a squad. Don't see squads? They appears automatically if you are on the scale plan and have at least 6 registered team members.

As a manager or admin, go to the teams page, select the squads tab, and create a squad. Add team members to the squad from the teams tab.

Select the squad
Bookings created for all the members of the squad
Tuesday, 20 Jun 2023

Project report

We've been updating the report styling. It now matches the news styling. On the project report page, you only see the bookings for a specific project, whereas in the news section, you see all the bookings you have been working on, from all projects.

A report showing the bookings and status for a project
Wednesday, 8 Feb 2023

News updates

When you log in, you'll see the latest news about your bookings. If you're a manager or admin, you will see everyone's bookings

Landing page showing news updates
Tuesday, 4 Oct 2022

Placeholder bookings

In the calendar, you can create a booking that is not assigned to any user. Blank bookings are shown in purple

Booking form with no assigned user or task
Calendar showing purple bookings in the [not assigned] row
Thursday, 7 Jul 2022

Inline calendar tasks

In the calendar, option to create a new task from the booking form. The form has a reduced set of fields, you can still edit them all from the tasks view as usual.

Calendar showing pop-up create task form.
Tuesday, 14 Jun 2022

Weekend days

In the calendar, if you have a large screen (wider than 1470px), you now have the option to show weekend dates in the month view.

Calendar showing weekend dates.
Friday, 27 May 2022

Blank bookings

If you make a booking and assign it to a project, but not to a task, it did not show up in the Gantt calendar for the project. We have added a row for bookings with blank tasks. This is useful if you want to book time to the project as overhead, not for a specific task.

Gantt calendar showing bookings with no task assigned.
CSV files with sample task contents added to the Tasks page, ready for you to edit and load into fflow.
Wednesday, 13 Apr 2022

Optional features

Based on customer requests, fflow has lots of exciting features. But anything you are not using clutters up the page. We have added an option to turn features on and off, plus a quiz to help you work out what you are most likely to need.

Feature configuration at the settings page
Another improvement allows you to see who the customer is when you select a project from the booking form dropdown
Monday, 28 Feb 2022

New form designs

With the beautiful new landing page, we needed to update more of the rest of the site to match.

We are very grateful to the lovely people at The Website Company, they were super easy to work with, invested time to understand what we wanted, and much hard work to produce these beautiful designs.

The new task form.
The new booking form.
Monday, 7 Feb 2022


Build and export invoices for your projects from fflow.

To prepare, first set hours and Done for each booking that is ready for invoicing. Then go to the project Invoices tab and create a new invoice.

Only bookings that were set to Done in the invoice date range will be included.
Thursday, 9 Dec 2021

Auto-generate bookings

Creating calendar entries can get tedious if you need to add lots at once. Save time with CSV upload

To prepare, first go the tasks, and configure the automated scheduling section: set automated order, skill, hours, and schedule type for each task in the project. Then, in the Project Details tab, set the new schedule start date and generate the bookings.

After they have been generated, you will see the Gantt view of the project.
You can still edit the generated bookings as usual from the Calendar.
Thursday, 9 Dec 2021

New design

We love this fabulous new design.

Visit our landing page to see the latest version.

We are very grateful to the lovely people at The Website Company, they were super easy to work with, invested time to understand what we wanted, and much hard work to produce this beautiful design. The screenshot is from figma.