Track time

We have experience of agency challenges, and we know how important time is. The first priority is billable work time.

Some agencies track time and use an hourly rate for customer invoicing. Others charge fixed prices, but still like to keep on top of work time for internal budget management.

To get started, track time and utilization with fflow. Scroll down for more...!


Plan time off

We believe taking time off is important for mental health and productivity. But we have heard the stories from project managers, with swearwords mixed in, when they discover someone key to the project is out of work for two weeks - starting yesterday.

With fflow, manage time off and flexible working in the same calendar schedule as work time, helping you plan and schedule smoothly.


Manage status

We all know that planned schedules are not the same as what actually happens. In fflow, you make plans - and then you update them when things change. Colors update based on status, so you can see what's happening at a glance.

At fflow, we show the the plan and progress in a schedule for each project, laid out in Gantt style.

If you choose, you can share a project schedule with guest users, for example with a customer. Don't worry, you have full control of who sees this.



Back office time is important too. If you run similar projects for different customers, we know it can get boring setting up the same tasks each time. That's why we built the auto-generate tool.

This demo from our video library shows how it in action. We're excited by how quick this is!

The footage is taken from real product use. It shows the preparation of projects, skills, and tasks, followed by automatic schedule generation.

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Hear from a customer

fflow allows us to manage complex time bookings across our squads and provide accurate and transparent reports for our clients. Clients need confidence on what they are being charged for, fflow allows us exactly that. Goodbye spreadsheets, hello app.

Raj Subramani