Who uses fflow?

Wordle of consultancies and agencies with billable customers

Operations teams, project managers, and COOs. People like you, who want to understand more about who is doing what, project profitability, and improve operational processes and internal communications.

What are your operational challenges?

Making sure you deliver on time, on budget, and on scope (OTOBOS)? Remembering who in your team works flexible hours? Holding the strategic plans in your head?

Have you given up finding the right software?

Are you using spreadsheets or even pencil and paper to manage and plan for your team? Do you have too many software tools and licenses, too few, or just not the right ones?

Improve your operations

With fflow, you get one easy to use tool that covers three important areas for consultancies and professional services companies:

  • track hours against a customer or project
  • plan activities for projects and teams
  • manage HR absences, vacation, illness, and other leave

Improve your communications

With fflow, you get integrated reports showing:

  • project status by time billed
  • potential for future project overruns by tasks booked
  • absences, training and vacation summaries for your team